Saturday, May 23, 2009

Life lesson

This afternoon the girls were playing outside while I cleaned their rooms. Apparently, Hanna caught a frog in the grass and she decided that "Mr. Rascal" could be Kate's pet. Her rational behide this gift was that I have Bella (the dog), she has Buddy (the cat) so Kate can have "Mr. Rascal" (the frog) has her animal to care for. Every few minutes they would enter the house asking if I wanted to see Mr. Rascal and like a team player I said.... "NO, and don't bring that THING in the house". Well, like always they didn't listen and Kate comes in with this frog clinched in her left hand. Now I am not a fan of frogs but I did feel bad for the little guy. So, I convinced Kate that the frog probably did not like being in her hand while she ran round the yard squeezing the life out of him but would rather be in a bowl with a little fresh water to sit in. She took my suggestion perfectly fine but the part that she did not care for was letting him go and return to his family. Kate and I sat on the front steps talking about how much she loved her new best friend and that she was going to take care of him by catching bugs so he could eat and bathing him every night so he would not stink up the house. When I suggested (again) that maybe she should let him return to his family the melt down began!!!! How dare I suggest that she let her new friend go, the only reason I would do such a thing was because "I did not like Mr. Rascal".....which always turns into not liking her!!! After about 15 minutes on the front steps I convinced her the frog (some where a long the way the frog turned into a female and was given a new name) would be better off in the woods behind the house. As Kate walks "Ms. Frog" to her new home, she's crying so hard she can't see where she's walking, so Hanna steps in to comfort her little sister and I'm walking slowly behind them because now I'm considered the "wicked witch of the West". Kate lets the frog go in the woods by a stream of water that runs behind the house. She says her final goodbyes, turns around and gives me the ugliest look and says "thanks a lot mom"... Now, it could just be me but I don't think she got the "lesson" I was aiming for!!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Kate has really excelled in gymnastics over the last few weeks. Every class is sure to be entertaining because the poor girl looks the part but struggles with her coordination and balance.

Play Ball!!!

At Hanna's first game she got a hit. She ran to first but got out. As she ran back to the dugout her coach noticed that she was crying. Everyone crowded around her, saying how proud they were of her and encouraging her not to cry over getting out. When the game was over Hanna quickly walked to the car and it was obvious to Kate and I that Hanna did not want to talk about her moment at bat. About 5 mins into the car ride home Hanna said with her eyes filled with tears, "mom, can you believe I got a hit".... at that moment I realized that she could have cared less about getting out, instead her tears were tears of joy because she got a hit during the game. That's my girl!!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Look their not fighting!!!!

They're making a mess while I'm cutting the grass!!! I clean and they walk behind me and make messes.

Let me introduce you to the family

This is Buddy.... he was Hanna's birhtday gift.

This is Bella, our 6 month old Lab that all ready weighs 60 pounds (I could not figure out how to rotate the picture.. sorry)

Let me intorduce you to the family

Just a lazy Sunday

This is the little house we love so much!!

I have found that my love grows everytime I'm out cutting the grass or shoveling the snow... :(

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Lastly, how could I forget the sports. I can only cross my fingers that my girls spend a lot of time actively playing a sport and NOT becoming a cheerleader!!! There is nothing wrong with steering your children in a particular direction, right??? :)

The Sellick Girls in New York City!!!

I want the girls to see the world so we start with New York City. :)

The girls had a great time but KS was not enthused with the amount of walking required.

Some Of My Favorite Pictures ....

KS standing next to me at our friend's family's horse farm. She had a wonderful day petting and riding the horses. Thanks CBand Doc... :)
This picture reminds me of the days when KS still needed mom for comfort. These days she's her own little person, full of energy and very comfortable in any new surrounding.


I thought that I would take a moment and reminisce.........
The girls and I set out on this journey about five and ahalf years ago. We (mainly I) had no clue what were doing.... raising these two girls and desperately needing to find my (our) way. I look back now and see that I have been blessed with two amazing young ladies, a home that I love and amazing friends (now family) all around me. I have placed some of my favorite picture up for you all to see. They remind me of great times that I got to share with my girls, each with thier own little story to be told.

My First Attempt

I have decided to join the new age and start blogging our "the girls and poor mom's" adventures. I figure this would help keep you'll in our lives, and I want to share my trials and tribulations ( meaning laughter for you'll) with everyone. I hope everyone finds enjoyment from the blog!! So here we go........